About Spanish Toni Academy

Spanish Toni was born with the mission to introduce the Spanish language and its culture to people from all over the world from the sunny city of Malaga.

Thanks to the hundreds of students who have passed through our Spanish classes, we have grown and improved our teaching techniques, adapting them to the real needs of each person who trusts us for their development in the Spanish language.

According to our students, our strong point is our human value. The closeness and commitment of our team is the key to its success.

That’s why we want you to meet the people who will welcome you to our SpanishFamily, your best allies in this exciting journey through Spanish and its culture. Welcome!

Get to know your teachers


Hi, I’m Toni!

Although I was born and lived most of my life in Malaga, almost a decade ago I decided to go and live in Germany and improve my knowledge of the local language.

Shortly after returning to Spain, while having coffee with a good friend of mine, the idea came up: to help other people improve their knowledge of my native language.

As soon as I started teaching, a very special period of professional and personal growth began for me. I had found my true vocation.

In these years I have learned so much from my students that without them I probably would not have found this passion for teaching that still accompanies me today. I am enormously grateful to them for that.

Through this experience I have met amazing people, discovered hobbies I never knew about and gained great friends.

I believe that the key to all of this is the mutual understanding and respect. That connection goes beyond the shared experience of being new in a foreign country or the love of nature and its diversity in the classroom.

It is a feeling of brotherhood and an enormous joy in seeing each student evolve that encourages me to continue to put all my love into each lesson.

For me it is a pleasure to accompany you and show you everything I know about Malaga and Spanish culture while you learn the language.


Hi, I’m Yasira!

When I finished my degree in Hispanic Philology and a Master’s degree in Spanish Language Teaching, I decided to expand my frontiers by travelling to different countries.

In those trips I gained perspective while I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. When I returned to Spain, I didn’t want to give up the idea of getting to know other realities and learning from them. That is why I have been teaching Spanish ever since.

I feel that this profession allows me to travel without leaving my city because each student brings a little piece of his or her country.

These experiences have taught me to appreciate the positive subtleties of Spain in order to transmit them to those who come from outside it.

For me the most important thing is to create a space of acceptance and communication in which we play with mistakes while learning from them.

I value the uniqueness of people and that is what I try to transmit to our students. Each person has his or her own objectives and pace to which we adapt. In this way we bring clarity and structure to the Spanish language according to the needs of each student.

What I like the most about teaching Spanish here is the enormous curiosity and the know-how of our students.

I am happy to be able to teach Spanish to people as diverse as the cultures they bring with them.

Now you know us a little better.

We want to get to know you too…