Live Spanish and its culture in Málaga

Dive into the cultural richness of Malaga while mastering Spanish through enjoyable and personalized classes.

At Spanish Toni, we see each class as a gateway to new experiences, tailored to your pace and personal interests.

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Group Classes

Small groups
Level A1 to B2
In the heart of Malaga
Group fun and enriching discussions
Learn faster with group feedback
First class free
Face-to-face classes
32€ per Class (ask for discount packs)
Groups from level A1 to B2 so you can start in the one that best suits your initial knowledge.

Private Classes

Tailored approach focused on you
Flexible schedule adapted to your life
Move at your own pace
Personalized study strategies
DUO lessons option: share classes and save
A teacher 100% for you
face-to-face or online classes
17€ per Class (ask for discount packs)
We adapt to your level of Spanish, from A1 to C2, with classes adjusted to your previous experience

Mixed Classes

Combine group and private classes in a perfect mix
Get the best of both worlds
Variety Promotes Motivation
Advance in a group, perfect in private
Gain confidence, build connections
More balanced progress
Save money
Best option

All our classes have:

  • No registration fee
  • All materials included
  • 55 minute classes
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. No refunds or rescheduling within 24 hours. 
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The yellow ones are the group classes. The green ones are the private/duo classes.
What do our students say?
21 reviews on
Toni is the best spanish teacher in Málaga !! He helped me a lot improve my spanish (I had arrived barely A1, only knowing how to present myself and I left after 3 months B1 able to understand and express myself more easily). Gracias Toni !
Rafa Dias
Rafa Dias
I had a great time learning Spanish with Toni in Málaga! I had both private and group lessons and I can only say good things about it. He tailored classes according to my needs. I highly recommend him!
Davide De Martini
Davide De Martini
Iniziato da pochissimo ma mi sono trovato subito alla grande! Ha un approccio formativo semplice, intuitivo e immediato; l’ideale per chi come me ha bisogno di una approccio schematico alla lingua. CONSIGLIATISSIMO
Roberta Raffaele
Roberta Raffaele
Toni is an excellent Spanish teacher. He's helping me improve my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. He's extremely knowledgeable and nice. Highly recommended!
Piotr Kozbial
Piotr Kozbial
I have had a few conversation classes with Toni. I have to admit that good one on one conversation classes are not that easy because the teacher has to lead the conversation, participate and pick up your mistakes at the same time. And Toni does that perfectly! He prepares also interesting themes and materials. I would definitely recommend him as a teacher
Jelle Kleefstra
Jelle Kleefstra
Since March 2022 Toni is my on-line weekly private teacher. I really like his pleasant and enthusiastic way of teaching. Every time I look forward to my Spanish hour with him. By constantly practicing in speaking and writing texts by what you just learnt on grammar and vocabulary, while making mistakes, my Spanish progresses rapidly. Because of that you want to learn and improve more and more.
Matthew Pearce
Matthew Pearce
Great guy and great teacher. Very centrally located in Malaga. And good price.
Peig O Connor
Peig O Connor
Toni is a fantastic Spanish teacher based in the centre of Malaga. Super helpful and adaptable to the needs of the student.
Bence Bodrogi
Bence Bodrogi
Top man, super patient and kind.The office is easy to find and at a convenient location in the city centre.
Tarun Lal
Tarun Lal
I had private Spanish lessons with Tony during my stay in Malaga and would like to provide feedback about the instructor and the Spanish classes in a few sentences below. Tony is a very skilled, experienced, and talented Spanish teacher and knows how to communicate the skills needed to learn the Spanish language. He organized the daily classes to include parts of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and reading so the classes were more interesting and meaningful. He went straight from day one to explaining everything in Spanish instead of English which was a challenge at the start but helped a lot after some classes. I grasped the language skills in a matter of 3 weeks which would not have been possible without proper guidance from Tony. Last but not least he volunteered to show me the beautiful city of Malaga and went out for a glass of Tinto de verano and some tapas after my last class with him. He is a friendly and patient person who goes the extra mile to help students learn about the language and the culture. Tarun

Hundreds of students from all over the world have already learned with Spanish Toni Academy.

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I’m Toni, your Spanish teacher from Malaga. My passion for teaching Spanish intensified after almost a decade of living in Germany, an experience that prompted me to teach and share my native language.

In every class, I aim to do more than transmit knowledge; my goal is to open a gateway to our rich culture and to foster an exchange that enriches all my students.

I am dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels motivated and valued, celebrating every step on their path to fluency in Spanish.


I am Yasira, a graduate in Hispanic Philology with a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

My passion for languages has led me to travel around several countries, enriching my vision of the world and education. I returned to Spain with a commitment: to share my love for Spanish in an inclusive and personalised way.

My classes are spaces where the diversity of each student is valued and where together we explore the richness of Spanish, learning from our mistakes and celebrating every achievement.

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Classes for Two

DUO Classes

Bring a companion to join our engaging Spanish classes and you’ll both receive a 20% discount on the course price. Enjoy a private class for two and share the journey of learning a new language with a friend, family member, partner or colleague.

  ► 55 minute classes

Build your group learning experience. Gather your friends or colleagues and immerse yourself in Spanish with sessions designed for small groups of 3 to 7 people. Our classes adapt to the specific dynamics and objectives of your group, guaranteeing a shared and tailored learning experience.

55 minutes classes ◄
3 – 7 people ◄   

20 each ◄   

Shared Learning

Private Groups

Spanish in Community

Group Classes

Immerse yourself in the flow of Spanish. Join an existing group and enrich your learning process with the energy and diversity of equally enthusiastic peers. Our group classes offer the opportunity to learn from others while immersing yourself in real, dynamic conversations.

  ► 55 minute classes

Immerse yourself in the essence of Spanish with a comprehensive blend of three types of classes, meticulously designed to supplement and enhance each other, skyrocketing your proficiency to unprecedented levels with the Weekly Intensive.

8 classes with 10:30 hours ◄   

Completely personalized classes adapted to your level. Content targeted to your needs. Straight to the point. At the pace you need either online or in person.

  ► 55 minute classes

Transform your weekends into a learning opportunity. Now, time will not be an obstacle to your development. Enjoy a flexible environment adapted to your needs. For groups of 2 or more people, contact us to customize your educational experience.

Contact us for prices and availability! ◄   

Whenever you want

Weekend classes

Online space to learn and grow. An always connected community where you can practice whenever you want. Quick and easy access to well-organized content. 

  ► 3 group classes per week
24/7 online community
90€ per month (7.5 per class)