Mixed Classes

Don’t know if it’s better to give group or private classes? Choose both in a package that perfectly combines the best of both worlds.

Our mixed classes are designed to suit your needs, promote motivation and maximize your progress.

Why Mixed Classes?

A perfect mix

The best of both worlds. Group classes offer dynamism and the opportunity to learn from your classmates, while private classes focus on your specific needs so that you can deepen and reinforce what you need.

Constant motivation

Variety in each session. Our program keeps each class fresh and interesting, avoiding monotony and encouraging dynamic learning of Spanish.

Trust and connections

Spanish is not just grammar and vocabulary, it is connections and communication with others. Here you will strengthen your confidence and ease while you have great support behind you.

Balanced development

Learn comprehensively with this mix. You will get a good balance between practice, expression, understanding while delving into your weakest areas to strengthen and expand them.

Quick Improvement

Mixed classes will make you progress in much less time by combining group interaction and personalized attention. You will increase your fluency and understanding in a better way.

Save money

With these packs you will save by finding great discounts on an excellent combination. Maximize your learning and simplify class management with a mixed class pack.

Simple and Easy

Simple and Easy.

We have summarized everything in 3 packages to simplify your choice.

Determine your commitment and go for it!


Get a taste
8 groupl classes
2 private claases
2 months to spend


Develop yourself
16 group classes
4 private classes
3 months to spend


Give the best of you
24 group classes
6 private classes
4 months to spend